High Density T-Shirt Bag Clear and color multi-purpose T-shirts bags produced both from virgin grade (non-recycle) HDPE with high quality of thickness and odorless, and from recycle grade HDPE. Learn More
High Density Flat-Top Bag Clear Flat-Top HDPE bags produced from virgin and high grade (non-recycle) HDPE with high quality of thickness Learn More
Beverage Bag Virgin grade and high quality beverage bags for beverage packaging Learn More
Agricultural Bag Clear and color HDPE T-shirt bags for agricultural use, mainly for wrapping fruits in order to prevent damages to the fruits, such as guava and rose apple. Learn More
Polypropylene T-shirt Bag High quality PP T-shirt bags with expandable gussets for universal usage. Learn More
Polypropylene Flat-Top Bag High quality Flat-Top PP bags mainly used for food packaging Learn More