About us

Pikulthong Plastic is one of the professional manufacturers and exporters of plastic bags in Thailand, with over 40 years of experiences. Our main products are T-Shirt Bags, Flat-Top Bags, Beverage Bags, Garbage Bags, and Agricultural Bags. We produce both plastic bags from virgin and high grade (non-recycle),  and recycle grade plastic bags. 

Besides  various standard products that are in stocks and ready to deliver, we are able to customize and provide a wide range of plastic bag products according to customer requirements.


The company objective is to produce and distribute quality plastic bags into domestic and international market. These plastic bags consist of 2 main categories:

1. Products made from High-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin, i.e. T-Shirt bags,HDPE Flat-Top bags, and Agricultural bags

2. Products made from Polypropylene (PP) resin, i.e. PP Flat-Top bags and PP T-Shirt bags


  • To be a leading manufacturer and exporter of the universal plastic packaging
  • To grow sustainable with customers, suppliers and employees
  • To stand as reputable, innovative, honest, and reliable company
  • To provide quality products and services at competitive price to our customers

Company Strengths

  • The leading company in plastic bags manufacturing business over 40 years successful track record
  • Reliable and consistent quality
  • Expertise in plastic bag production
  • High technology machinery
  • On time delivery
  • Quick response service
  • Building sustainable value and long term partnership for customers and suppliers


1974  Founded as Pikulthong Plastic Import Export Limited Partnership which produced only HDPE T-Shirt bags
1995  Registered as Pikulthong Plastic Co., LTD
1997  Moved to Nakornpathom in order to increase production capacities
2003  Expanded product lines to HDPE Flat-Top bags, HDPE agricultural bags, PP T-Shirt bags, PP Flat-Top bags and garbage bags
2009 Engaged in Increasing Production Capacity Project by Thai Plastic Industry Association, and rewarded as project winner.
Exported HDPE T-Shirt bags to ASEAN Countries
2010  Engaged in Energy Saving Project by Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency, Ministry of Energy (Thailand)
2011  Engaged in Innovation Project by Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry (Thailand)
2014  Engaged in Human Resource Development Project by Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry (Thailand)
2015  Engaged in E-Supply Chain Project by Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry (Thailand)